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  Dear electronic repairer. LCD/LED TELEVISION REPAIR CASE HISTORY VOL.1   eBook is composed of 10 chapters of real life repair case histories / how to, troubleshooting tips and how to access led backlight like a professional without breaking the screen. Unlike my previous eBooks, this book come with a dedicated  whatsup number  where you can address all your queries and get live support via  chat or live video support. This facility will be  available  ONLY   to those who have proof they bought the eBook from me or my affiliates. The book is illustrated with numerous color photos to make the reader get the concept pretty fast. To navigate the book just click on the Chapter reference on the list of contents and it will jump straight to the very topic and to go back to the first page just click on your keyboard (Ctrl + Home) key. The book is going for an introductory price of  $13.95   US dollars!  List of Content Chapter 1:  Introduction-How to change led television backlight strip or