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Basic electronics course

Dear electronics repairer, Basic electronics course is an E book covering all common electronics components (both passive and active) found in consumer electronics equipment like LCD television and Monitors, CRT television and Monitors, DVDs, Hi-fi systems, Power amplifiers, Switch mode power supplies (S.M.P.S) etc. After reading this book you will be able to identify the components using actual picture, symbol used to represent them on the circuit board, purposes it serves on the circuit, common failure modes and how to test if it is good or bad. The book is highly recommended for new students in electronics, those who are in the field but have difficulties in understanding how circuits works to the advanced technician who want to refresh their knowledge in basic electronics as it provides a solid foundation for those who want to major in the world of electronics repairs The book is illustrated with Color photos to make the reader learn faster and get the concept pretty fast.

CRT Television troubleshooting guide

Dear electronics repairer. CRT Television troubleshooting guide is a step by step guide to troubleshoot and localize CRT television problems in a logical step by step technique using ordinary test equipment to get extra ordinary result within a short time. The Book is unique as in we are starting with the problem (symptoms) going backward to trace the faulty components. This is possible because CRT Television exhibit specific symptoms for specific problems; therefore by understanding the symptoms a smart tech can localize a TV problem to a small section by just observing the screen and listening to the sound. So you can even decide to read the book when you get the TV in your workshop, this means the book can pay for itself after only reading one chapter (symptoms). A photo speaks a thousand words; therefore I have used numerous colour photos to make the user comfortable with any task which come his or her way. I know not everyone use English as his first language including