CRT Television troubleshooting guide

Dear electronics repairer.

CRT Television troubleshooting guide is a step by step guide to troubleshoot and localize CRT television problems in a logical step by step technique using ordinary test equipment to get extra ordinary result within a short time.

The Book is unique as in we are starting with the problem (symptoms) going backward to trace the faulty components.

This is possible because CRT Television exhibit specific symptoms for specific problems; therefore by understanding the symptoms a smart tech can localize a TV problem to a small section by just observing the screen and listening to the sound.

So you can even decide to read the book when you get the TV in your workshop, this means the book can pay for itself after only reading one chapter (symptoms).

A photo speaks a thousand words; therefore I have used numerous colour photos to make the user comfortable with any task which come his or her way.

I know not everyone use English as his first language including myself, so the English I have used in this book can be understood even by a class six pupil!

List of Content

Chapter 1: Main fuse keep on blowing.

Chapter 2: Power supply is dead, voltage at the main capacitor but nothing at the secondary side.

Chapter 3: Screen takes long for the picture to appear.

Chapter 4: Colored spots on the screen

Chapter 5: Only horizontal line appear on the middle of the TV screen

Chapter 6: Screen partially closed with black stripe at the bottom or top of the screen

Chapter 7: intermittent single horizontal line

Chapter 8: Screen with some white lines across the top part of the screen

Chapter 9: Vertical line appears on the screen.

Chapter 10: Power supply is okay, but HV is missing

Chapter 11: HV is present but the screen is dark.

Chapter 12: Screen is blue but audio is okay.

Chapter 13: Simple test for Cathode ray tube (CRT) bad or not.

Chapter 14: Picture is purple, Yellow, light blue.

Chapter 15: Horizontal output transistor (H.O.T) shorts immediately after replacement:

Chapter 16: Horizontal output transistor (H.O.T) get too hot, then short after hours/days/ or weeks after replacements.

Chapter 17: Picture is okay but no audio.

Chapter 18: No Picture and No audio but on screen display (OSD) present

Chapter 19: Retrace lines on the screen.

Chapter 20: Picture is black and whites (no colour)

Chapter 21: Understanding CRT Television Critical voltage test points

Chapter 22: Installing universal TV board (TV kit)

Chapter 23: Conclusion  

When writing this book I was having the following group in mind...

  • You have gone to college of electronics and completed the course with distinction but coming to the field you realized that repairing CRT TV is not a walk in the park.
  • You are technician for over 5 years and your workshop is full of junk board and TV waiting for the owners to collect as un-repairable
  • You are a technician and you find most of your work is to replace faulty TV board with universal TV board...
  • You are a technician and you hardly diagnose and repair more than 3 TVs in a day
  • You are just from school and want to do electronics repair as a career or part time job...
  •  You have another job and want to supplement your income by repairing TVs for your friends and neighbors
  • You are a technician and still there are some things you feel shy to ask your friend about repair thinking that they will consider you under dog...
  • Whenever you open a TV for repair you feel intimidated by the numerous components in there.
  •  You are in TV repairs business but not able to pay your bills from your repair income.

This book can change your story to this...

Hie Mr. Mndaka,

Once again I have written this to appreciate for your extra-ordinary help about the China TV displaying the vertical line.
After reading your e-book I just went straight to the coils in the horizontal circuit and the first one to change was L441, as soon as I replaced this coil I switched on the set to see if it was the cause. Wow! My eyes were astonished to see the Set being resurrected from the hell.  Full screen and audio still there. It didn't take me even 20 minutes.
It’s really great to have known you and I believe if I could have known you two years ago I could even have been fixing Television sets with my eyes closed by now. 
May God bless you

South Africa
Hi Mr. Humphrey
I have discovered treasure, am getting bolder repair TVs without fear, your illustrations are unique.


The book is going for an introductory price of $19.95 USA dollars



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