Dear electronic repairer,

LCD- LED television has been around for some times now and seems like the world trend is geared toward that end.

For the technician this means one need to upgrade his software (studies) so that he/ she is not phased out by the new technology.

I have no doubt the reason you are reading this page is because you want to do software upgrade as far as LCD-LED television repair is concerned...Congratulations my friend!

Hum-tech electronics is introducing for the first time a step by step guide in troubleshooting and repair of LCD-LEDs television with ease.

Bill Gates, founder and CEO of Microsoft Corporation said and I quote” I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job, because he will find an easy way to do it”

I am not saying you are lazy, but from my experience most techs are busy people and therefore time is of essence.

Lcd-Led television repair guide is tailored to take care of that and therefore I have avoided stories and irrelevant theories in this book and only covered how to once you open up lcd-led television.

In writing the ebook I was having in mind most techs out there who cannot afford an oscilloscope and therefore I have majored on voltage testing as my main point of reference in troubleshooting to narrow down problem up to the component level.

The ebook is written from the technician workbench point of view, easy to read and you don’t need to break the bank to have it on your workbench.

The book is illustrated with Color photos to make the reader learn faster and get the concept pretty fast.

Every Chapter is hyperlinked to the list of content for easy navigation within the book for those who decide to read the book directly from the computer screen, tablets and I phones

The book is going for an introductory price of $ 22.50 US dollars! This means the book will pay for itself on the next customer who knocks at your door.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction to LCD- LED television   
Chapter 2: Understanding LCD-LED Power supply            
Chapter 3: LCD-LED Television Switch mode power supply voltage testing.           
Chapter 4: Types of switch mode power supply (SMPS) found in LCD-LED tvs     
Chapter 5: Troubleshooting dead LCD-LED television.
                Television is dead, Power led is ON
                Television is dead, power On led off
Chapter 6: LCD-LED power supply critical voltage testing               
Chapter 7: Understanding LCD-LED television mainboard             
Chapter 8: Troubleshooting LCD-LED television main board         
Chapter 9: Understanding LCD-LED television Audio circuit.         
Chapter 10: Understanding LCD-LCD television Tuner circuit.      
Chapter 11: Understanding LCD- LED television Microprocessor
Chapter 12: Understanding the LCD- LED television backlight      
Chapter 13: Understanding the T-CON  
Chapter 14: Conclusion.


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