Microwave oven repair made easy

As the title of the book implies, this book is written from the technician workbench point of view. No theories and long stories, therefore what is in this book is what you will expect first hand when a microwave oven is brought to your workshop for repair.

The author, Humphrey Kimathi has over 20 years’ experience in repair and service of home electrical appliances.

Microwave oven which was invented in 1958 by accident has become an household name as many families have adopted this mode of warming food in seconds.

An increase for the use of this technology has come with the need for personnel to service and maintain these gadgets.

Unlike other home electrical appliances, microwave repair is the most dangerous, both to the user and service personnel.

In this regard I have dedicated a full chapter on the safety around working on the microwave and also testing microwave leakage for the safety of the user before handing back the machine to the customer and also for the service technician-SAFETY FIRST!

The book is going for an introductory price of $ 9.95 USA dollars, Order Now!


Table of contents

Safety working on the microwave

Basic tools required in microwave repair

Components found in microwave 

Micro switch

High voltage circuit

High voltage transformer

Testing HV transformers

High voltage capacitor


High voltage diode


Thermal cut-out

Turntable motor

Fan motor

Roller guide

No heating problems

Microwave leakage test

Measurement of microwave power

Hard copy now available(paperback) here!


  1. What are you checking for in a micro leaked test, it their some thing liquid leaking, what's dangerous. ? Blessings

    1. Radiation leakage, not visible with naked eyes.

      Regards Humphrey

  2. I wonder if the conclusion that the "Microwave oven was invented in 1958 by accident" is true? Because as I have read it was already invented in WWII when Radar was developed and an engineer noticed that the chocolat bar in his pocket melted when the RF radiation was beaming.

    1. You are very right Albert, but I like what you have just said" an engineer noticed that the chocolate bar in his pocket melted when the RF radiation was beaming" this exactly what I call invented by accident, so we are talking about the same thing, remember in the world war 11 this was used in Radar but after this incident they begin thinking how to use this for cooking(what made the chocolate to melt? kept this engineer thinking. all the best my friend, keep discovering!

  3. Hi, i am a Justine client, i would like to comment that a problem that face repairman is to replace a broken magnetron with other that has different data and manufacturer brand, it is hard to know if the one to replace meet the specifiation that the broken one has......is there a table, reference book or something like that that help technicians to inmediatly know if a replacement magnetron is or not suitable for the microwave oven that is being fixed ?.......your book include somthing that helps ?

    1. All magnetron operate at the same frequency 2450Mhz irrespective of the manufacturer, so it is the same.. So long as you new one fit, you are good to go.
      Regards Humphrey

  4. Humphrey,
    In your May 18 reply you mentioned that all magnetrons can replace any other, as long as they fit. Would that also be true for the transformers, diodes and capacitors coming from other microwaves? Is there any issue with inserting these components from a 900 watt oven into an 1100 watt oven?

    1. Most parts can be interchanged but fuses be careful, must use same value... For transformer never interchanged but if you have space think can also work.

      Regards Humphrey

    2. magnetrons have to match in capacity, that is why some are bigger than others. same with transformers. mag model numbers make a difference too for the power output and mounting config.. Capacitors feed the magnetron so different values for different power output.

  5. Wow...i would like to have this wonderful book,i'd love to repair microwave ovens..but i'm completely illiterate as to the payment methods...i'm in South Africa


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