CRT TV Real Life Repair Experience Guide Volume 03

CRT TV Real Life Repair Experience Guide Volume 03

Dear Electronic Repairer,

CRT TV Real Life Repair Experience Guide Vol.03 is composed of 10 chapters plus 4 bonuses of pure real life repair case histories from the technician work bench.

The book is illustrated with numerous color photos to make the reader get the concept pretty fast.

To navigate the book just click on the Chapter reference on the list of contents and it will jump straight to the very topic and to go back to the first page just click on your keyboard (Ctrl + Home) key. 

The author, Humphrey Kimathi has over 20 years experience in repair and service of home electrical appliances.

Table of Contents

Chapter 01.How to troubleshoot CRT Television switch mode power supply problems (s.m.p.s)      

Chapter 02. Samsung 21 inch CRT Television takes too long for picture to appear now repaired.(Model CS-21Z67ML)  

Chapter 03.LG 21 inch CRT television model 21FS6RG-T3 dead now repaired   

Chapter 04. HOT transistor is continuously getting shorted after replacement  

Chapter 05. LG 14 inch CRT television model CF-14D10K sound okay no picture.               

Chapter 06. China Tv With Vertical Line Repaired

Chapter 07. LG 21” CRT Television intermittent dead symptoms        

Chapter 08. Aucma CRT television screen blank but power ON led lighted.       

Chapter 09. Sanyo  21” CRT Television model CM21VP1K with a horizontal line now repaired         

Chapter10. LG Super Slim 21 CRT Television Dead Now Repaired      


Bonus1. Understanding the Degaussing coil in CRT television            

Bonus 2.Causes of retraces lines on the CRT Television screen           

Bonus 3.Testing integrated circuit (i.c) 

Bonus 4.Understanding the x-ray protection circuit in Television

The book is going for an introductory price of $9.95 USA dollars!


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  1. Thank you for the update on your new book. The content looks very good.


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